The Benefits Of Technology In The 21st Century – Assignment Example

The paper "The Benefits Of Technology In The 21st Century" is an outstanding example of a law assignment.
As society progresses to the 21st century, law enforcement has become extremely pivotal and revolutionized since the old decade. The current law enforcement technology that is available is fantastic as surveillance cameras have dynamically been modified to assist law officials. Moreover, heat sensor devices can be extremely beneficial. The benefits of new technology are endless as it allows officials to analyze and convict felons in a rapid manner. Since everything is moving to “cloud computing,” officials would be able to view everything in dynamic time and collaborate effortlessly. Officials can report to their superiors in an instantaneous way. Moreover, applications developed for smartphones can tremendously help officials understand the Miranda rights in special situations. The innovation of W-ifi and Bluetooth has influenced government officials to send information. Identifying the need for cybersecurity is only a minor step towards achieving the overall goal. Governments are well aware of the threats can potentially cause chaos in their systems. Thus, government agencies in the recent decades have relied on smart programmers to test their systems through a series of hacking attempts in order to find any loophole that exists. These so-called “hackers” are referred to as White Hat hackers, because of their supreme ability to breach the system and alert companies and government about inadequate network security
For example, if an officer observed an individual rushing to surpass the orange light, the officer has to doubt himself before issuing a violation. However, recent technology has allowed officials to slow down the video by snapshots and give them a better sense that can facilitate their decision. All these elements have assisted law enforcement technologies.