American Teen Cancer Society – Assignment Example

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The paper "American Teen Cancer Society" is a wonderful example of an assignment for English.   As a member of the American Teen Cancer Society, I have been involved in some awareness programs and volunteer activities – on a very superficial level, I must confess. It was only when my own grandfather was diagnosed last year to be in the terminal stages of cancer, that I truly comprehended the nature of the disease. My parents opted to keep grandpa at home for as long as possible. As he battled to retain his dignity through the fog of pain and physical helplessness, I discovered the meaning of compassion.

My initial fear and even a shameful revulsion at his involuntary moans of pain and physical deterioration gave way to a deep admiration for his courage and a melting tenderness towards this man who found the strength to greet me with a cheery “ Good morning, Angel! ” each day. I made it my routine to spend the evenings with him: to talk about my day at school, to listen to his often-repeated tales of his youth, to play his favorite Chopin music, or, as the days passed, to just simply sit silently beside his bedside to show him that I cared.

I felt his pain and his struggle as my own and loved him for permitting me to share his fight. Those four weeks with grandpa have made me truly human. My Health Occupation Students of America experience has been an opportunity to serve the community and to have fun at the same time. We organized a blood donor drive, which was a tremendous success.

We mobilized almost a hundred first-time volunteers (including myself! ) to donate blood. We designed hand-drawn promotional posters which we displayed at churches, malls, and schools. We also went on a door-to-door drive on our own streets. It was a great surprise to find that many people stayed away from donating blood only because they were not aware that the blood donated is replaced within 24 - 48 hours. We then printed small leaflets with information on FAQs for donors (Example: Does the needle pain? ) The happiness I felt in working as a team to be of service to my community and to be a contributing member of society has reinforced my desire to make community service an enduring part of my life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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