Death of a Salesman – Assignment Example

The paper "Death of a Salesman" is a good example of an assignment on literature. The settings of the play are in the 1940’s and since Willy the protagonist is a salesman, the settings move between the different offices and places that he visited. The other physical settings of the play are in the Loman’s house – in the front porch, backyard, basement, bedroom and the kitchen. Husband and wife Willy and Linda are in conversation with each other. Willy says these words to Linda his wife indicating that he is surprised at the changes taking place in the neighborhood, in addition to changes in the people at home too. Happy does not have any value for women and treats them as objects of immorality. Happy is disgusted with life in general and speaks of his mother whom he finds does not put up any resistance. It is a “flashback” i.e. a factual representation of past events. He recalls how his elder son Biff was the all-star athlete of their family and how he had excelled in his favorite sport of football. Linda, Willy’s wife always supports him in whatever he does. She even epitomizes many negative points in Willy thereby shielding her husband from reality. She loves her children but at the same time does nothing to correct their mistakes. The rubber hose is one of the symbols in the play that reminds us of Willy’s attempts at committing suicide. It is the gas pipe that Willy tries to use to kill himself by inhaling the gas. Linda puts it back because it is the same gas that keeps her family warm and comfortable. The play was written in 1949. It was premiered on the 10th of February at the Morosco Theatre, New York City, U.S.A. The play is important because the author Miller criticizes America as a promoter of socialism which is portrayed through Willy the protagonist whose main aim is to chase an American Dream.