Lowering OSHA Recordable Frequency – Assignment Example

The paper "Lowering OSHA Recordable Frequency" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.  With all the information given the plant manager probably views the most important safety aspect as lowering OSHA recordable frequency, along with low accident frequency. OSHA recordable frequency is calculated differently than a number of accidents. The OSHA recordable frequency is determined by accident severity, employees working with limitations, and employees’ days off due to the accident. The plant manager needs to look into why more serious accidents are occurring.
The plant manager has instructed Tom and first line supervisors to put safety first. Since Tom has indicated that safety meetings are conducted and safety issues and accidents addressed, there has to be another cause for serious accidents. One possibility is old or malfunctioning equipment. The plant manager might want to have a more detailed inspection of the equipment. Just because the equipment is up to OSHA standards does not mean it is safe. New equipment might have a flaw or malfunction. Old equipment might need to be replaced. The plant manager needs to evaluate the accidents to understand if this is a possibility.
Another possibility would be due to the layoffs, the workers might be trying to get hurt to get workmen’s compensation. If a worker has the choice between being laid off, or drawing workmen’s compensation and having a job waiting when they return after an accident, the choice might be tempting. Once again the plant manager must look at the individual accidents, the limitation of injured workers, and the workers off the job due to work injuries.
If the plant manager’s goal of lowering OSHA recordable frequency does not occur then maybe a safety specialist might need to be hired. Accidents are not good for the company, especially the infrequent serious ones. The plant manager would prefer to have frequent mild injuries than the serious ones. The plant manager’s concerns could be resolved by addressing the recommendations above.

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