CRM Performance Marker – Assignment Example

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The paper "CMR Performance Marker " is a wonderful example of a military assignment. Researches done by NASA have shown that human error is the main contributing factor in air carrier accidents. This is mainly due to ineffective leadership, poor communication and task management, and ineffective decision making among the crew members. This website tries to reduce these human errors by creating awareness of CMR programs that have been proven by NASA to be very effective. The website gives a detailed report about the concept of CMR and how the training is done.

Some of the training methods include Training exercises for different crew members like pilots, flight attendants, flight engineers, and other officers; Training crew members to work as a team and not individually; Give members the opportunity to practice necessary skills in decision making. CMR is also looked at a glance on the practical side of it. For instance, LOFT sessions allow crew members to practice all the skills they have been taught. Class training involves lectures, discussion groups, role-playing exercises and audiovisual presentations after which there is an assessment.

Topics taught are mostly communication-based and team building oriented. There is also an audiovisual recording during LOFT that allows the members to assess their skills and improve wherever possible. Furthermore, there is also the fundamental aspect of the training. A survey of all flight personnel before the training is implemented is among the fundamentals discussed. Essential data collected can then be used by program designers to come up with the perfect training package. However, CMR is also targeting workers beyond the cockpit to increase efficiency. For instance, aircraft dispatchers and air traffic controllers are also incorporated into the program due to their direct relationship with the pilot.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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