American Legal System – Assignment Example

The paper "American Legal System" is a wonderful example of a law assignment. I would rather be a prosecutor than a defense attorney. The prosecutor has the most important role at a criminal trial. The burden of proof is on the prosecutor. As Shane Read stated in e-Journal USA the prosecutor in a trial aims not only to persuade the jurors of the government’s case that the defendant has committed a crime but also to assure that no innocent person is wrongly convicted. This suggested that the prosecutor seeks for justice and not only to prosecute. To do this, he must further investigate and gather reliable evidence in order to decide whether it is right to pursue a particular prosecution. This could be hard and stressful for the prosecutor. Shane Read points out that a prosecutor needs to capture the jury’s attention by delivering well-organized opening statements so that they would be interested the detailed evidence that would later be presented at trial. He also needs to call the witnesses who are responsible for supporting facts and documents stating the defendant committed the crime. In most cases, these witnesses are the people who don’t want to get involved. He has to persuade them to come out and help bring justice to the case. On the other hand, the defense attorney does not have to prove the innocence of his client as the law dictates that a person is innocent by default until proven guilty.  It is also stressful for the prosecutor to discuss plea bargaining. He has to consider the victim, the judge, and the police department. He is charged to provide a satisfying result that is fair to the key players. The government’s job is to do justice, and that is the job of the prosecutor, too.