Criminal Justice – Assignment Example

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The paper "Criminal Justice" is a good example of a law assignment. In the criminal justice system of the United s, Courtroom Workgroup is a sort of informal arrangement between the judicial officer, prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney. The Courtroom Workgroup normally comprises upon judges, prosecuting, defense and public attorneys. Judges are the senior officers in the court and they ensure appropriateness of the court conduct, settle the questions relating the evidence, chalk out the rules on procedure and guide cross-questioning of the witnesses in the cases. The Judges have extensive control over the court and power to decide as to whether hold the complainant or otherwise.   The judges are empowered to sentence the defendants besides instructing the jury on conduct, verdict, and relevant law.

Judges are supposed to be tough on the crimes. They serve the bench for a specific period. Prosecutors having broad discretionary powers are entrusted to play an important role in all the phases of the court process.   Their job is to represent the people and vigorously advocate the guilt of the defendant. They perform as Solicitor General, Attorney General, Chief Prosecutor, and District Attorney etc.

In whatever capacities they are performing, they are to ensure as to whether the crime under consideration has actually been committed and the suspect properly been identified. It is their duty to ensure that the evidence provided in the case is sufficient enough to support the verdict. They can decide to plea bargain, negotiate and recommend amount of bail. They challenge judicial decisions as and when needed. It is the prosecutor who decides as to when a case is chargeable. It is observed that during the course of proceedings the judges, defense attorneys, police and the probation officers appear to be performing their specific duties whereas the prosecutors are seen performing during all the phases of a court process.   Prosecutors challenge judicial decisions at times.   The office of the prosecutor is part of the executive branch of the government.   The Defense Attorneys have right to counsel that is extended to the first appeal, juvenile proceedings, and probation and parole hearings.

They are lawyers appointed by the court. The public defenders are normally overworked and they are assigned to courtrooms only.

It is not their role to decide the guilt or innocence of the clients.   (Aaron, 2006)  Courtroom Workgroup is supposed to maintain secrecy, healthy working relationship and processing of the cases efficiently.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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