Police Jobs – Assignment Example

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The paper "Police Jobs" is a brilliant example of an assignment on social science. Police jobs are considered to be one of the most responsible and dangerous jobs known to humanity. The possibility to get hurt or killed makes this job so dangerous than other professions. Police officers can never expect the outcome of situations they enter into. Dangers faced by police vary from death to mental and physical disorders and even the risk of infectious diseases. These dangers are encountered mainly during law enforcement duties like arresting criminal, investigating crimes, conducting traffic regulations and even while responding to public urgencies.

There are instances where criminals taking down police officials in revenge. In United States of America itself, about 69 police officials on the job were brutally killed by criminals last year. Transporting criminals from jail to jail is another dangerous situation faced by the police. Police have to face danger even during in their routine activities. Police officials are constantly being faced by unknown and unpredictable dangers. Police job is quite a dangerous job, but police jobs can be made safer by the application of newer technological equipment.

The installment of GPS [Global Positioning System] in police vehicles helps to locate each and every police vehicles and installing cameras and centralizing them enables to monitor every police official. Thus GPS enables police officials to work as a team in bringing down dangerous criminals. Giving proper training to police officials on how to cope up with different hazardous situations is an effective way to safeguard themselves. Police must be given proper guidance to work along with Medical and Fire units as the case may be.

Introducing the best equipment, modern warfare devices and new technologies to law enforcement measures can ensure the safety of our Police Officials to a certain extent.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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