Cosmetic Surgery for Teenagers – Assignment Example

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The paper "Cosmetic Surgery for Teenagers" is a good example of an assignment on health sciences and medicine. The debate on cosmetic surgery for teenagers seems to have reached a stalemate as opposing sides of the debate have concrete reasons as to why they are in favor or why they are opposed to the practice: Thesis The relative ease with which teenagers can have cosmetic surgery performed on them is an issue of concern among stakeholders who think that such a practice is inappropriate for teenagers. They highlight other reasons such as incepting the notion that there is a solution to every bodily defect that they may have.

On the proposing side of this debate are those who advocate for this practice citing such reasons as boosting the self-esteem and confidence of teenagers as well as helping those with genetic dispositions to weight-related problems overcome such and have a shot at a normal life. As such the debate is evolving to be quite an interesting one to follow.   Why cosmetic surgery is appropriate for teenagers: 1. Overweight teenagers who face rejection and ridicule among their peers Cosmetic surgery will help them to fit among their peers Cosmetic surgery will psychological issues such as low confidence and low self-esteem that result from being overweight. 2: Cosmetic surgery is appropriate for teenagers who have genetic weight problems. Cosmetic surgery will work for such cases where physical exercise and dieting have failed. Cosmetic surgery will work for abnormal fat deposits stemming from hormonal imbalance.   Why cosmetic surgery is inappropriate for teenagers: 1: Most cases that require cosmetic surgery can be solved through regular exercise The majority of teenagers are obese due to poor diets and lack of physical exercise (Holland). Liposuction for such teenagers who are obese due to lack of regular exercise and overeating will only be a temporary problem that will reverse once they revert back to their lifestyles. 2: Cosmetic surgery is not always offered on medical needs.

It could due to the need to enhance physical appearance. Teenagers are still too young to make such lifelong decisions with a clear mind due to the cultural influences that make them want to enhance their beauty. Cosmetic procedures performed on body parts that are not yet fully grown might turn out disastrous in the future when the body parts are fully grown.   Conclusion With this practice on an upward trend, there is a need for an agreement between both sides of this debate to be reached.

The decision should put into consideration the interests of these teenagers to help them have a normal life.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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