Copyright Infringements – Assignment Example

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The paper "Copyright Infringements" is an outstanding example of a law assignment. One of the beautiful pleasures in one's life is enjoying literary, musical, dramatic and literary works.   It is a way of relaxation and a getaway from the daily problems. But we often seem to forget about the people that have given us the chance to enjoy all that, the ones who are entitled to hold the rights on the work they have created.   The intellectual property is not less valuable than the material one. It is an important attribute that deserves to be respected.

Copyright consists of a specific set of ownership rights, even if its object is not a tangible object. The violation of the copyrights is one of the most frequent infringements in the new technological era. The rapid development of the technology, of the Internet and the possibility to share any kind of information over the net makes copyright infringements easy and accessible. Often, people are not even aware of the fact that they are violating somebody’ s rights and law provisions. So what if they share this music with their friends? Intense debates on the extent of the copyright have been carried on among copyright holders, consumers and distributors for ages.

There are opinions that put under question the necessity of the existence of copyright in society. Therefore, copyright has become an important political and legal issue in most of the countries, especially in Canada. The research paper will focus on identifying the most common and “ popular” copyright infringements and their legislative regulation. Also, the author shall compare the copyright legislative system in Canada with the one in the USA and point out the similarities and differences between them, by providing a detailed overview on the most outstanding acts in this domain.

The strong and weak points of the Canadian copyright laws will be analyzed and explained. Also, the implications of Canadian copyright laws in the international context shall be described. Some of the law cases based on violations of the copyright law will be examined and explained, especially the remedies applied for the copyright infringements. The research will be based on important legislative acts, opinions of famous authors and statistical data.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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