Coping, Stressor Anticipation and Endurance – Assignment Example

The paper "Coping, Stressor Anticipation and Endurance" is a worthy example of an assignment on social science. The ever-increasing experience of oppression by Black families has always been a great concern for many philosophers and sociologists. Although the increasing crime-rate by and against the Blacks has been the area of focus for various governmental institutions and researches, their inner strength to cope with adverse situations has also been a subject of amazement and study. These adversities have been experienced in various dimensions such as sociocultural aspects, the stigma associated with the Black culture, family values, gender differentiation, economic status, psychological and medical conditions etc. History points specifically at the Black Church as an agent for social change emphasizing family values and religiosity as the strongest attributes fostering their continued existence. For instance, a research conducted on African-American women revealed the significant role of religiosity and spirituality in coping from adversity. Spirituality helped them in tolerating actuality, increasing their insight and courage, tackling and surpassing boundaries, recognizing and fighting their own existence and life lessons, identifying rationale and fortune, making moral values and believing in sources of wisdom and communication. Strong kinship bonds in black families through practices of absorption of families, informal adoption, strong commitment from black women etc are found in the Black families. Both family and religiosity, help the Black in nurturing two important self-perceptions, self-esteem and positive evaluation of the self, in shaping their social and behavioral outcomes. Despite the fact that Blacks have been constantly facing racist, social, economic, physical and other forms of oppression, their self-concept attained through these factors have endured them from potential psychological suffering and any form of psychiatric damage to a large extent.