Gregors Physical Metamorphosis, a Reference to Kafkas Title – Assignment Example

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The paper "Gregor’ s Physical Metamorphosis, a Reference to Kafka’ s Title" is a good example of a literature assignment. Metamorphosis means literally a transformation in the physical appearance of a living being. In Kafka’ s Metamorphosis, Gregor is shown as having a physical transformation as he is transformed into a huge insect that is gruesome. The title of the short story that is Metamorphosis is not employed in the sense that Gregor has some physical transformation but the transformation that is there because of his alienation. The title is about the transformation of a human being not into an insect but into an alien.

The modern theme of literature takes the theme of alienation into consideration. Gregor’ s transformation into an insect depicts his being alienated from his family, his society and his job. He has no life of his own and he has to carry a number of responsibilities. He continues to do his job, which he dislikes to a great extent. Gregor has three family members, his father, his sister, and his mother and likely, his responsibilities take all the members into consideration.

Gregor is a salesman but he disdains his job but continues to do it because of his family responsibilities. Gregor is depicted as a person who is not happy with his life. his transformation into an insect points towards his loneliness and isolation that he feels while being in his family. Therefore, the title of the short story that is Metamorphosis is not to indicate the physical transformation of Gregor but his imaginative transformation into an alien. He is like an insect for his family when he is without any job and when he carries no responsibilities of his family.

He is gruesome when he of no use. When he wants to be a part of a family by freeing him from his chains of a job, his family rejects him and he is considered as an alien.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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