Congratulations on Winning the Employee of the Year Award – Assignment Example

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The paper "Congratulations on Winning the Employee of the Year Award" is a good example of an assignment on English.   Dear friend, I am so happy to have known that you have won the much-deserved employee of the year award. Being a coworker of yours, this award won by you is a real admiration towards your hard work and dedication towards the responsibilities. However, I believe that more than the award, you had won all our hearts by inspiring all your coworkers through your class of work and genuine dedication.

You could motivate me through winning this award as now I have the strong feeling that our company would promote and encourage the hard work of its employees. As far as I understand, most of your subordinates are of big praises for you as you have ensured to give credit to their support as well. You as a leader always had been empowering and shared both responsibilities and credits with your coworkers. Excellent had been your communication skills as well which has made the hard works of the team well extended to the management.

I personally feel proud to have a personality like you as my coworker. I extend all my good wishes to you and pray that this achievement is the beginning for much more to come along. As a good wish of yours, I wholeheartedly wish that you keep doing well in both your personal and professional endeavors. While achieving to have received the award, you have initiated a healthy spirit in each member of the team to deliver their best. I once more would like to congratulate you on this glorious achievement.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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