Conflict Resolution – Assignment Example

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The paper "Conflict Resolution" is a great example of an assignment on psychology. One of the team members, Jane, approaches the supervisor commenting that she doesn't think Brandon likes her. When the supervisor asks for clarification, Brandon shares that Jane does not mind her own business and interferes in everyone else’ s work. Brandon feels intimidated by Jane and wants her to leave him alone. He claims that he tried speaking with Jane but states that Jane said that she was the lead clerk and it wasn't his place to assess her performance.

Both the employees are valuable to the company as there have different experiences. But the conflict between them is getting in the way of their productivity. According to the Myers-Briggs differences, Jane is an ESFJ. It means that Jane is friendly and kind-hearted and is always ready to help others or advice them when needed. She wants to create a friendly and homely environment so that everyone around her is happy and enjoy their work. On the other hand, Brandon is an INTP which means that compassion and emotions are not his strongest virtue.

He works and develops logical and analytical judgments and decisions for the work and people around him. Both of these people are on the opposite ends of the personality spectrum and therefore have problems with each other work style as they are unable to understand them. Out of the five conflicts handling modes, ‘ avoiding’ mode is being used by Brandon and Jane. They are trying to avoid confrontation with each other by coming to the supervisor and explaining their problems. As aforementioned the reasons for conflict, the ‘ compromising’ or ‘ collaborating’ modes of conflict handling should be used.

The action taken by me would be to have a talk with both the employees and listen to their side of the stories. Then would use the collaborating conflict handling mode to reach an agreement with the two employees and sought out a middle way that would benefit both the employees and would not hinder any productivity. This way the employees can put aside their differences and take the advantages of each other’ s strengths and work to promote the company which is their ultimate desire and goal.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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