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9 December 2009Computer Audio TechniquesThe aim of this report is to focus on production procedure, audio techniques, practical work and analysis of technical requirements. The number of people who are listening to music and other audio sounds has continuously increased in the current century. Many people employ different means to listen and utilise different approaches in production of music and audio such as the use of personal computers (PC). PC is unique technological equipment that has extensive inbuilt hardware that deals with sounds, music, audio, and the personal computer can easily manipulate the quality of sound and audio in a manner that a producer will not be required to visit audio labs or large sounds studios.

For example, many PCs have inbuilt microphones that can record sounds from users and these are supported by numerous software and audio techniques that a user may use to manipulate the sounds; numerous software exists that produce audio and sounds that are specially required in an efficient and fast way. Technological development has resulted in production of new devices and equipments such as sounds cards that provides convenient means for audio computing and these sound cards deals professionally with different audio and sounds.

Additionally, the supportive speakers produce quality and audio sound waves that can easily be understood and recognised. Production design The following is a script that will be produced for the radio show but some parts of the script has been deleted because it exceeds the show limit. ScriptRough time plan of show: Introduction (and added sound) – 10 secondsTalking about the topic – 60 secondsAdvertisement (and added sound) – 10 secondsNews bulletin (and added sound) – 20 secondsBack to the topic – 30 secondsInterview – 30 seconds5 word weather (and added sound) - 10 secondsTopic – 30 wordsInterview – 30 secondsSports scores (and added sound) – 15 secondsAdvertisement (and added sound) – 15 secondsConclusion (and added sound) – 40 secondsSome scripts that have been deleted and reasons behind the deletionIntroduction (and added sound) – 10 secondsMusic sound was added in the beginningTalking about the topic – 60 secondsDuring writing of the script for the topic, the group thought that 60 seconds could be enough but when they recorded the script they found out that the script is more that 60 seconds and thus affects the rest of the recording. Advertisement (and added sound) – 10 secondsThe time for advertisement was reduced from 10 seconds to 5 secondsNews bulletin (and added sound) – 20 secondsThe only thing that was removed from this section is the start sound since it could be more than the recorded sound. Interview – 30 secondsBoth of the interviews have been reduced from 30 seconds to 18 secondsFive word weather (and added sound) – 10 secondsOnly sound has been removed from this partSports scores (and added sound) – 15 secondsThis part has completely been deleted from the scriptConclusion (and added sound)- 40 seconds The time for conclusion has been reduced from 40 seconds to 8 secondsDiscussion of technical requirementsWhat we needed to complete this project? Zoom microphoneComputerHeadphonesAudition adobeZoom microphone The use of microphone was studied in lecture in week 6, and the lecturer had told us how to use it.

The zoom microphone is supposed to be booked in advance and thus we booked a day to go and get the microphone.

The microphone that we obtained was of high quality and other group members could clearly hear what was been recorded.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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