Alexander the Great: the Son of King Philip II – Assignment Example

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The paper "Alexander the Great, the Son of King Philip II" is an outstanding example of a history assignment. The general theme of the assignment purports the meant that discoveries should be based on reliable information and conclusive facts rather than baseless assumptions and doubtful findings just like the search for the remains of dead kings one of which is Alexander The Great, the son of King Philip II. 2. Where does the introduction begin and where does it end? The introductory part begins with the first paragraph of the essay until the fourth paragraph.

3. Where was the conclusion? The conclusion is the last statement contained in the essay which states that “ Dead kings are still hard to find. ” It is only composed of one line. 4. In a few paragraphs, summarize the essay. It is hard to find the remains of the dead kings in the different parts of the world. There have been many discoveries and proposed theories of the location of their tombs but were declared doubtful at the end. One of the most controversial searches for a king’ s remain is the dead body of Alexander The Great.

In fact, there have been at least seven declarations of the discovery of the king’ s grave since the year 1805. In this period, 150 official archeological expeditions were sanctioned by various institutions to find his tomb. This mission was joined by different nationalities including the common people of the society. Their explanations were grounded in a distinct and unusual phenomenon. However, none of these expeditions was proven to be successful to unveil the mystery behind the king’ s tomb. Indeed, dead kings are still hard to find.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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