Community Oriented Policing – Assignment Example

The paper "Community Oriented Policing" is a good example of an assignment on social science. Community-oriented policing has been a success regime for a long time now. Communities feel that they need to have linkage with their police and hence the need for instituting such mechanisms in place. With regards to their multicultural and educational programs, one can see a lot of work happening within the relevant domains (Thacher, 2001). There is the talk of providing an environment which looks after their training and educational needs and hence such programs are facilitated to look after the betterment of the community-oriented policing. Standards are being adhered to and development work in this regard is of utmost significance for the overall betterment of the community at large (Forman, 2004). The multicultural and educational programs are geared to keep the community police geared up for the challenges that they face from time to time as well as make them apprised of the new ways under which policing could be made tougher and more stronger. These programs also instill a sense of confidence amongst the community police as they interact with the community and try their best to learn a thing or two from such initiatives. In essence, these multicultural and educational programs foster bonding amongst the community members and show how policing could be made stronger by enacting mechanisms which would take care of the existing shortcomings (Fielding, 1995). Opportunities are discussed at length and new manifestations are touched upon in detail. This gives a good chance for the community-oriented policing to flex its muscle and comprehend the real meaning behind community service.