Communication Strategies – Assignment Example

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The paper "Communication Strategies" is a good example of an assignment on a journalism and communication. Regardless of the objective of the speech, defining of a communication strategy shows attention to planning, understanding the situation based on the audiences’ and the requirement, the ability to identify and carry out the body and goal of the speech. The type of audience does not matter the aim of the speech should ideally be to promote the results of research with evidence as to how the results were arrived at. One of the most important factors in making a good speech is to know the audience. (Developing a communications strategy)
The scenario taken into consideration is a speech and a presentation designed for a fundraising activity; this is a corporate request for big companies to sponsor the cleaning of the local beach and neighboring walls filled with graffiti.
1) Who is your audience?
The audience consists of top-level managers of big corporate companies. These are individuals who have certain amounts of money in discretionary funds which do not require internal approvals to release these funds.
2) How many audiences do you have?
There are a total of eight members of the corporate community.
They are top-level managers of companies like Safeco, Coca-cola, AT&T wireless, Hewlett Packard, Burger King, Starbucks, Smith tool inc and Merck.
3) What does your audience need?
The managers (audience) would basically require the cost to the company and the benefit the company would get in return of the grant.
4) What do they want?
They would look for the actual ‘meaning’ behind the speech and presentation, the time required, therefore it is very important to connect with the audience and bring them into a comfort zone.
5) What is most important to them?
In this case, it would be the duration of the speech and the promise made be delivered. The presentation should also be precise and to the point.
6) What is the least likely to care about?
They care least about the quality of the presentation, the problems faced by the individual and the detailed background of the situation. Also, unrelated data are figures are least cared about.
7) How might you organize your essay in a way that will best suit your audience?
The presentation should be well structured, with a brief introduction, body and an impressive conclusion followed with a question-answer session.
8) What do you have to say or what are you doing in your research that might surprise your audience?
In this scenario, by offering wide opportunities of branding for the companies that take part. This could range from an online presence of the campaign, to press write-ups and media coverage all of which would hold the participating companies presence in the campaign.
9) What do you want your audience to think, learn or assume about you?
I would like the audience to think that I have complete confidence in what I convey and that I am serious about taking this campaign through. The inclusion of handouts will also help in reinforcing the speech.
10) What impression do you want your writing or research to convey?
With regards to this fundraising event, I would like to convey via the speech and the presentation, the importance of developing and maintaining clean beaches, and the in-depth research on the topic.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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