What Impact Has Technology Had on Business Communication – Assignment Example

The paper "What Impact Has Technology Had on Business Communication " is a wonderful example of a business assignment. The need for a better, faster and cheaper way of communicating has called for many businesses to embrace the advances in technology. The increase in globalization means investing in good technology has become essential. With technology, the availability of electronic mails, as opposed to postal mail, means a more efficient and effective way of communication. This is because electronic mails are instant and inexpensive. With numerous security encryption methods available in the market, more assurance can be given to data sent electronically. This also eliminates problems encountered with time differences when businesses deal globally. In fact, prospective clients or customers will be better impressed knowing they are dealing with businesses that have good business technology tools rather than one with out-dated resources. Business communication also involves internal contact and technology has also greatly improved this aspect in many organizations. With this, messages can be sent electronically instead of raising internal memos, which has the possibility of being missed when staffs are not informed. Managers traveling frequently can also keep in touch with the employees regularly and thus, obtain updates or resolve issues in an instant. Indeed, technology has allowed for a faster and more efficient way of business dealing. The creation of company websites and the availability of search engines mean businesses are at the advantage of reaching out to far more audiences, both internal and external parties, with the necessary information about the company, as well as its products and services. Of course, the benefits of technology are only apparent when users are ethical. Otherwise, it can do more harm than good.