Effects of Climate Change – Assignment Example

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The paper "Effects of Climate Change" is a perfect example of an assignment on environmental studies. Part A How Biodiversity Will Respond To Climate Change Impact of climate change on the world’ s biota Climate change is expected to change the world's rain pattern and temperature that will obviously affect the world’ s biodiversity. The distribution of the biota depends on the climatic condition of a given region. For example, the article mentions that Anemone Buttercup only exists at mountain tops with very low temperatures. The climate change on the other hand increases the temperature causing the ice to melt and mountain tops to be warm.

Therefore, impacting on Anemone Buttercup negatively thus causing it to move to another position or extinction. Extinction and geographical redistribution is the general impact of climate change on biota. Specie’ s climate envelope and how it relates to the climate The specie’ s climate envelope is the practice of matching environmental conditions (i. e. rainfall distribution or temperature) with the distribution of species. The change in climatic conditions easily results in to change in the distribution of the species. For example, during winter whales move to the warm region to breed.

This enables matching the climate change with the movement of the biota possible since climatic condition determines the niche of a given species. What will happen to cold and tropical adapted species? Climate change will be detrimental to the species that are adapted to the cold environmental condition. These species include Mountain Pygmy Possum that stays up in mountains and poles where temperatures are lower. The rise in temperature will force these species to move up the mountain and closer to the poles where temperatures are still lower.

The limited snow will expose the possum to cold and wind since due to lack of high mountains and melting of snow. The possum will lack food since they are exposed earlier before their food become available. These will cause the extinction of possum due to lack of a place to move to maintain the same climatic pattern. Also, tropical adapted species will feel the effect of climate change. These are species which finds warmer environmental condition favorable. For example, mosquitoes are well adapted to warm temperatures thus climate change will expand its habitat.

On the other hand, the spread of malaria will increase since the parasite develops with a temperature above 160 C. Therefore, climate change will lead to an increase in the mosquito population and the spread of malaria. Phenology’ and how it will be affected by climate change The timing of the life cycle events of species is termed as phenology. According to biologists, phenology depends on the climatic condition i. e. rains or temperature change. Therefore, climate change will affect the pattern of rainfall and temperatures thus making plants flower early, birds to migrate early, or leaves falling early. Urchin’ s distribution and relationship with climate change The urchin has been affected already since they are moving southwards.

These make it move to Tasmania which was previously very cold (1960 and below). This shows that climate change has led to a change in temperatures in the region thus causing expansion of the urchin niche.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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