Input and Output Devices – Assignment Example

The paper "Input and Output Devices" is a wonderful example of an assignment on technology. The function of a computer is to compute or find solutions to the problems that are fed to it by the user (Iqbal). These problems can be in the form of commands and other applications which generate a result that the computer either displays or provides otherwise (Iqbal). In order to make the computer work, it should be fed with some information, which it will process, and then generate results, which the computer should be able to communicate with the user (Iqbal). In order to communicate this with the computer, many devices have been designed, each performing a specialized function (Iqbal). These are known as input/output devices, or simply, I/O devices (Iqbal). There are many input devices, but the more common ones include the keyboard, mouse, microphone, ink, and pad for drawing graphics with hand (Iqbal), Bluetooth, USB, scanner, webcam, and other such devices (Iqbal). Digital cameras and movies cameras are also examples of input devices. Whatever the device, and whatever the form of input, be it text, pictures, audio files, or video files (Iqbal), the computer converts it into binary signals (Iqbal) which it subsequently processes. Output devices also make use of this binary system but convert the signals into the appropriate output form. The more common output devices include the monitor, printer, speakers (Iqbal), LCD screens, and other such devices. These devices either display the computed and processed information and results or make a hard copy of it. Most of the computers have in-built dedicated I/O processors (Iqbal) that are specialized for I/O computations so that the main CPU of the computer is freed for other processes (Iqbal).