How the Orange Company Can Develop a Competitive Advantage and Simultaneously – Assignment Example

The paper "How the Orange Company Can Develop a Competitive Advantage and Simultaneously" is a worthy example of a business assignment. Orange is a company which was founded in 1994 to provide telecom services in a specific region. Gradually the company expanded and now serves many nations all over the world. Nowadays it can be seen that the usage of mobile phones is increasing and this has led to the formation of several telecom services. It can be seen that mobile phones have become a necessity for the majority of people all over the world even including the individuals living in the third world country. Thus it is necessary for these telecom companies to introduce lucrative offers which can help in the greater good of society. Orange and T-Mobile are about to merge together to form a Merger & Acquisition firm which would give opportunities to both the companies to expand. This expansion would create many opportunities for the mergers. Through this merging, the companies will be able to invest more in the telecom services and thus introduce more lucrative offers which can help the people living in this society to avail the opportunities. Not only would the merged help in giving a benefit to the society but it would also help the company to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Through it, the company can lower prices for their packages and thus individuals will be able to contact easily on the phone. More and more individuals would get attracted to the telecom services and the usage of these services. Thus it can be concluded that with this M&A the company can both gain a competitive advantage and provide a benefit to the individuals living in the society.