U.S. Health Care System – Assignment Example

The paper "U.S. Health Care System" is a wonderful example of a politics assignment. The US health system has often been criticized for many different reasons. The media, as well as politicians, may make it the punch line for their jokes but despite its failings, it is still much better than what has been offered by many other nations. Of course, considering that America considers itself to be the leader of the world, a health system that ranks somewhere in the upper twenties is rather sobering news for Americans who consider their health system to be the best in the world. Therefore, it is easy to assume that there are both strengths and weaknesses in the system. The primary and perhaps the most important strength of the system is the responsiveness of the US health system. In fact, it ranks number one in the world in this measure since the ethical rules followed in America as well as the client orientation of the health system means that the best technology is available for the provision of health services. However, there are also some weaknesses of the system even though it seems that the weaknesses have been highlighted more than the strengths. The US health system is weak since it is full of waste and inefficiency. In industrialized states, America spends more than twice the per capita average but has not received better health for its citizens. Further, there are widespread differences in access to healthcare based on things such as insurance status, personal income, race, and even ethnicity. More than one-third of Americans are uninsured, unstably insured, or are underinsured. These problems create pain, suffering, and even result in the death of patients while leading to more expensive services.