Reasons for Cheating in Schools – Assignment Example

The paper "Reasons for Cheating in Schools" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. Cheating In high school cheating can be witnessed in several forms including copying of another student's answers in the exam paper or copying some other students assignments as presenting their own. It can even be seen in the form of plagiarism which includes copying information from the internet to complete assignments and not giving credit to the actual author of the content. Cheating is mostly considered as an act conducted by poor students who lack the knowledge, ability, and skill to cope up with educational requirements. Believing that cheating is only considered by weak students is simply a myth. Cheating has now become quite prevalent amongst those who stand out in class and who is considered as the high achievers. Pérez-Peña states in his article that students of some of the best high schools have resorted to cheating including students from Harvard (Pérez-Peña 1). There are several reasons due to which students resort to cheating. One of the main reason due to which there has been an increase in cheating is that parents, as well as educationists, have stopped trying to promote anti-cheating sentiments and conducting cheating has become easier. Pérez-Peña reports a study that states that due to the increase in technological advancements and ways to access the internet, cheating has become easier for the students (Pérez-Peña 1). It is very essential that students are stopped from cheating at the high school level as they may continue the same behavior during their professional lives. One way to counter is to set clear standards and policies regarding academic dishonesty.