Causes of the Seasons – Assignment Example

The paper "Causes of Seasons " is a wonderful example of an assignment on environmental studies. The seasons of the earth are caused by the tilting of the axis of the earth and not the difference between the sun and the earth as many people usually think. The axis of the Earth is tilted by 23.45° with respect to the ecliptic plane as noted by Roy (2007). This means that as the Earth revolves around the sun on its orbit, the northern hemisphere in most times oriented more towards the sun and more away from the sun at different times of the year. This tilting results to four seasons in a year, mainly summer, spring, winter, and autumn as different parts of the Earth are oriented towards the sun at different times of the year (Roy, 2007). Summer and winter are experienced in the Northern Hemisphere because it is the Northern hemisphere that is either most oriented towards or away from the sun. During summer the Northern Hemisphere is oriented more towards the sun and the result is that it becomes warmer because the sun is higher in the sky it stays longer above the horizon and the sun’s rays hit the surface of the earth at a right angle; meaning sun’s rays are concentrated at smaller areas unlike winter where they are spread over larger surface areas thereby reducing the intensity of sun’s rays (Roy, 2007). During winter in the northern hemisphere, the sun is oriented far away for the sun and does not only rise low in the sky but also remains above the horizon for a shorter period of time, and the rays of the sun hit the ground more obliquely hence the low temperatures during winters.