The Implementation of Information Technology – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Implementation of Information Technology " is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. The implementation of information technology has greatly enhanced business intelligence in the companies mentioned in the case study through a number of ways. At eCourier, the use of ‘ SeeWhy’ software has led to the achievement of various successes in the business (Diana, 2007). The first success is the attainment of lean manpower. Initially, the company used to employ several employees to monitor the movement of packages. Upon the implementation of the new technology, the monitoring service has been automated.

This has helped the company cut down on labor costs as well as increasing efficiency. Automated monitoring has also reduced the chances of packages disappearing. The enhancement of packages security has, in turn, attracted the customer trust and loyalty. For example, 95% of all the deliveries are now booked online (Diana, 2007). The technology has also contributed to a quicker customer care service since most complaints can be handled online. In general, technology has benefited both the company and its customers.   At Cablecom Company, the management has successfully used SPSS software to mine the customer data and improve the services (Mary, 2007).

The software also enabled the management to notice when a customer was at risk of leaving. The SPSS Dimension was also used to conduct online research on various factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction. The findings helped the company to seal the loopholes and retain their customers. For example, the company created another survey that allows clients to type their complaints. At Bryan Cave, the use of BI tools has the firm solve the paradox of making the most money while still delivering quality services to its clients.

The clients wanted to fix whereas the partners also needed good pay. Through the technology of BI, the company was able to balance both sides by tracking its budget to real-time pricing. For example, the tool had been used in real estate services to harmonize the legal fee for 400,000 ft and 4,000 ft buildings. In this case, both the clients were charged the same amount of fee (Diana, 2008). 2.

The case of Bryan Cave shows how the company has used the BI tool to improve the access, availability, and presentation of existing information. This technology can as well be applied to other professions such as sales and education. Companies can use BI technology to judge the amount of work done by the employees. This will enable a company to pay its workers based on the amount of work done. In the sales companies, for instance, the technology will enhance the Performance Related Payment (PRP). This will motivate the workers to put more effort and increase the output.

In the education sector, teachers may be paid based on time spent in class. 3. Cablecom Company managed to develop a prediction model to better identify those customers at risk of switching to the competitors in the future. Apart from the solutions stated in the case study, other actions that could be taken upon the discovery of this customer behavior would be designing more ways to retain loyalty. These may include giving discounts to such customers whenever they buy tickets.

It would only be wise to let some customers leave if the database is overwhelmed and the employees can no longer satisfy the large population. In such a case, letting some customers leave will create space to make more renovation on the database. Besides, the remaining customers will be getting quality services since the ratio of employees to customers shall be favorable.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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