Candide and the Satirical Role of Jacques – Assignment Example

The paper "Candide and the Satirical Role of Jacques" is a wonderful example of an assignment on literature. In the novella, ‘Candide’ the fourth chapter sets a marked step in the development of the text as a satire. Here Voltaire manipulates one of his best efforts to satirize Pangloss’s teaching and philosophy “the best of all possible worlds” (Voltaire 7) that resembles Leibniz’s optimism. This chapter adds a new twist on Pangloss’s learning of the stern reality. In Pangloss’s “the best of all possible worlds” the deformed beggar ravaged by syphilis appears to be the scathing satire. Pangloss as the deformed beggar, for the first time, experience the cruelty of his best possible world. He starts to learn that the real world is full of cruelties, wars, blood-shedding, rape etc that is completely in contrast with his philosophical world, as he informs Candide that the baron and his family have been killed by the Bulgars. Also, Pangloss’s theory that “everything is for the best in this world” (Voltaire 7) is in the focus of Voltaire’s satire. Though Pangloss is the worst victim of syphilis, he still believes that it is necessary in the “best possible world” (Voltaire 7) because, in return, the European have got the opportunity to enjoy chocolate. Indeed here Pangloss’s argument appears to be absurd and thus proves his theory to be ironical. The minor character Jacques who also is a victim of syphilis is a foil to the character of Pangloss. His reasoning simplicity and ability not only proves him to be witty but also reveals the absurdity of Pangloss’s philosophy in contrast, as Jacques claims that “men have somehow corrupted Nature” (Voltaire 37) and it is a man –not God- who created weapons “in order to destroy themselves.” (Voltaire 39)