Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible – Assignment Example

The paper "Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. A corporation usually finds it tough to have a clear-cut balance between the profits and the aspect of social responsibility that it has to plunge into, for all the right reasons. The reason for this is that the corporations are hugely dependent on the element of making a profit and thus fall short on the count of being socially active and playing a responsive role, much to the disliking of the stakeholders. The corporate entity is one of a giant one and thus the manner in which these discussions are touched upon makes a mark which has a lot of bearing on the long-term standing of the corporation (Obrinsky, 1983). Thus the manner in which a corporation is able to find a balance is nearly a very difficult process to undertake. This passage is filled with hurdles left, right and center and this could even mean cutting down on profits which is not a very acceptable norm for the varied corporations of today. Therefore it is a must to strike a perfect balance, one which will play an essential role at activating the different publics and the relationships which are formed up as a result of the same. Most of the occasions the corporations fall short on the premise of striking a perfect balance mainly due to the rationale that its tilt has been in the favor of running its own business through making a good profit. This is essentially a reality with which corporations have to survive in the present times.