Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility – Assignment Example

The paper "Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility" is a worthy example of a business assignment. A global business is that kind of a business in which the top managers reach decisions after considering information from beyond and within its national boundaries. The main aim of such decisions is to ensure maximized income, revenues as well as profits globally. A global business undertaking is characterized by moving individuals from one nation to another and also promoting foreigners to its topmost positions. Global firms look for R&D-Research and Development from anywhere it can be gotten. The main notion of a business’ going global is to establish a business which operations are not restricted in one nation. (Koslow and Scarlett, 1999 p11) Examples of businesses that have global operations are; Wal-Mart supermarket of US which has subsidiaries like Sainsbury of UK, Coca-Cola company, Microsoft company among others. Most of the times the term Corporate Social Responsibility has been used synonymously with business ethics. But the term Corporate Social Responsibility has gained a lot of recognition in the media and other avenues alike. My own experience is that of tobacco companies. These companies are under pressure from the public due to the effects of secondary smoking effects. Therefore, I being part of the public have witnessed the need for the linking of Corporate Social responsibility with business ethics. For instance; tobacco companies like BAT are continuously discussing Corporate Social Responsibility as it is increasingly pressuring on their future business ethics.