Application Letter and a Follow-Up Message – Assignment Example

The paper "Application Letter and a Follow-Up Message" is a worthy example of an English assignment. An application letter basically aims to touch base with the employment position that is open for sending one’s resume. This is essentially a one-time activity which asks of the applicant to send a cover letter and a resume as to why he thinks he is suitable enough for the job under consideration. On the other hand, when this applicant goes through the process of the interview, he sends a follow-up message to the prospective employer as to what he thought of the interview and how he looks forward to getting a positive reply from them. The follow-up message is indeed a gratification message while the application letter asks of the applicant to be considered for an interview at some time in the future. Hence the application letter is a pre-interview process while a follow-up message is a post-interview thing (Tubman 2001). A difference between the application letter and the follow-up message is that the application letter details the strengths of the applicant with respect to the job while the follow-up message is filled with the gratitude shown by the applicant to the prospective employer. Hence the similarities arise between the two when both of these letters try their best to get heard in front of the employer whilst being different in their content. The tones of the application letter and the follow-up message are more or less the same. The application letter is filled with information related with the applicant while the follow-up message is comprised of his thanking the employer for taking out time and giving the applicant a chance to be interviewed.