Building the Team Character – Assignment Example

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The paper "Building the Team Character" is a good example of an assignment on human resources. To ensure the behavior and attitude of each member in team respect and reflect the top team, they would be expected to embrace both the terminal as well as instrumental values. Examples of such kind of values include the following.   Ambitious – an ambitious member will achieve success, override their abilities and resources by far. Victory and contentment are linked to an ambitious attitude, irrespective of the task that might be presented before the member.   Courageous – as a value is important as it is contagious and if a member possesses it, the rest of the team is also encouraged.   Self-control – team members are expected to keep their emotions controlled in every situation.

Additionally, decision making should be based on logic and not fear. Poor self-control can make a team member lose his or her judgment as well as common sense.   Family security – Unity in a working environment is a plus for any team. Also, the satisfaction of each member’ s emotional needs can be achieved.

The members must maintain a cohesive approach towards fulfilling tasks.   Comfortable life – Each team member may yearn to have a comfortable life or might be already enjoying one. A comfortable life in this perspective is owning luxury cars, beautiful homes, etc. and in this way, they may turn positive attitudes towards such objects and therefore affect their concentration in the team. The associates should prioritize their team first to enable it to achieve its goals and the comfortable life should not be a distraction.   Health – the team should begin watching out for themselves to enable healthy living and minimize risks to their health that can lead to poor performance in a team.

They should develop a health-seeking behavior which can be beneficial to the team's endeavors as a robust team has more capabilities. An example of a risk to performance can be poor stress management,

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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