Academic Integrity Policies at Cal Poly Pomona – Assignment Example

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The paper "Academic Integrity Policies at Cal Poly Pomona" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment. Academic integrity is not simply about not cheating on exams but is about a vast array of actions. The introduction by the Director of Judicial Affairs emphasises the fact that being a university student involves being committed to academic values such as honesty, integrity and responsibility. The academic integrity videos explain clearly about various acts of dishonesty that are considered as violations of academic integrity and land a student in trouble. Borrowing another student’ s work is a violation.

It could be a graph, a full paper or just one idea. Similarly, copy pasting information from the internet without acknowledging the sources means passing it off as one’ s own idea. Irrespective of whether the idea is paraphrased or quoted directly, all sources used in writing assignment must be acknowledged by citing them both in-text as well as in the reference list. The bottom line is one cannot pass another’ s work or idea as one’ s own, whether it is another student’ s or from the internet or a book.

Using any kind of an aid that is unapproved by the university policies is a violation. It could be a mobile, book or even the assistance of a fellow student. Equally serious is falsifying university documents, forging signatures and such like. The consequences range from probation for a quarter or an entire year to suspension and a sure ‘ F’ grade. Also, the judicial affairs office keeps student records of any such breach of academic integrity for seven years. This will surely have serious implications for the student’ s academic future as well as a career.

Any kind of dishonesty, intentional or unintentional is a violation. I am responsible as a student to educate myself about academic integrity thoroughly. I can seek assistance from the University Writing Center’ s tutors, whose service is confidential and valuable as they help students identify and avoid plagiarism. The resource library has manuals and handbooks that help in academic writing and referencing conventions. All these must be utilised to prepare oneself for university writing. The videos have made me fully cognizant of the academic integrity policies at Cal Poly Pomona and now I have a clear idea of what its definitions of academic dishonesty and plagiarism to help me avoid violating the policies.

Throughout my study here, in case of any doubt, I must seek help to get it clarified rather than assume something. The value of academic integrity is much higher than doing a dishonest action to get an A but landing in dangerous waters with a sure ‘ F’ grade, and other serious consequences.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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