Best Burger Positioning – Assignment Example

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The paper "Best Burger Positioning" is a worthy example of a marketing assignment. Best Burger is a fast food restaurant that is delivering hamburgers virtually to its target audience. There are several benefits that the customers can derive from this form of service. One of the main benefits is that Best Burger is offering a unique and novel outlet to its customers. The online website through which customers can order as well as create customized hamburgers will provide a completely new experience to the customers. The website provides the customers with detailed information regarding the products that are offered at Best Burger.

The customers can explore this information and then select the burger that they want to consume to satisfy their hunger. Another benefit that can be derived by the customers and the target market is that the organization is offering a new option through which burgers can be ordered. The target audience comprises of people aging between 25 to 40 years old. These individuals spend the major percentage of their time working in their organizations and even at home. These individuals do not have enough time to make food for them at home.

These individuals are competing in a highly competitive world and do not have enough time to travel to a burger outlet. Therefore, best burger allows individuals to select and purchase burgers online and this will help them in saving effort and traveling time and cost required to visit burger outlets (Mulonas 250). This time can then be used by them to continue to work from their workplaces. The target population that Best Burger wants to serve is so busy with their work that they hardly get enough time to exercise and maintain their health.

Best Burger provides healthy options to their customers so they can maintain their body weight and the company aims at serving their desire to eat healthily.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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