Before Friday, Please Write A 1-2 Page Essay On The Lowest Form Of Public Administration In America – Assignment Example

Lowest form of Public Administration in America Introduction The lowest public administrations in the United s of America are the local governments. The local governments have a variety of tasks that are executed for the welfare of the citizens. These forms of public administration are found in different states in the country with some being divided into several sub sections in relation to the state policies. The local governments play an important role in the governance of the country. Some of the important factors that are a result of input from the local governments include schools and hospitals. Some local governments are headed by mayors or city administrators who ensure that citizens adhere to the rules that are agreed upon by the statutes.
The local governments in the United States of America have effective systems of operation which have a wide range of tasks. Most of these tasks enable the local governments to generate income for the welfare of the citizens. Some of the important tasks of the local governments in the country include: urban planning, economic development, tourism, park recreation, housing, municipal court, fire services, security and school administration amongst other aspects. The local governments cannot effectively execute these tasks and therefore have to rely for financial aid from the state.
To enhance operations within different states, the local governments are subdivided into different categories. These categories include: the county governments, the sub-county governments, municipal governments, township governments and districts in some states. These subdivisions ensure that the local governments are able to cater for the needs of the citizens effectively.
The local governments in the country are democratic in nature in that they give absolute freedom to citizens when it comes to electing the mayors. The democratic aspect in the local governments is important because it gives the citizens a freedom of choice. This ensures that the elections are fair and just and that every citizen has the right to participate. Democracy is therefore a crucial aspect for the welfare of the local governments in the United States of America.

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