The Theological Significance of Biblical Poetry – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Theological Significance of Biblical Poetry" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. According to Miller (217), Psalms uses symmetry as a way of drawing a parallel between the identities of a righteous person from a wicked person. The nature of a righteous man comes out as the complete opposite of the wicked man. While a righteous man is a tree planted by the waters, a wicked man is a chaff that the wind blows away. These two images in Psalms 1 bring out the difference between the two, the righteous, and the wicked. Through the images, their differences in values are clear since a tree bears fruit when its season comes but chaff does not bear anything. This difference in productivity dictates the destiny for each one of them. It also describes how the two are treated in a real-life situation. The tree deserves care to continue producing fruits but the wind blows away the chaff to destruction since nobody cares to keep it safe.
How might we identify the nature of the righteous person?
- A righteous person does not walk in the counsel of the wicked. This means that he does not seek the advice of the wicked at any given time. His actions are based on what is right rather than the opinions of the world. A righteous person tries to avoid all worldly philosophies since they are the source of evil deeds.
- He does not stand in the ways of sinners. The way of sinners, in this case, is the wicked kind of life. A righteous person does not live as per the principles of the world. His life is characteristic of what God approves to be right.
- He does not sit with the mockers. Mockers are termed as people who have refused to walk as per God’s statutes. They have chosen to reject God through their deeds. A righteous person does not sit or chat with such people. Instead, the righteous sit in the assembly of fellow righteous people. They find a sense of belonging in the gathering of the righteous than in that of the wicked.
- He delights and meditates in the law of the Lord. A righteous person is in a constant endeavor to learn and practice what the word of God says. To the righteous, the word of God is a law through which regulations on what to and what not to do are set.
- He has a sure destiny. As compared to the wicked, a righteous person is sure of his destiny. They are destined for prosperity in whatever they do. They constantly endeavor to keep the laws of the Lord so that they do not miss their glorious destiny.
How might we identify the nature of the wicked person?
-  The wicked does the opposite of what the righteous do. They seek counsel from wicked people. To them, keeping the law of the Lord is not a concern rather a bother. They are found in the gathering of fellow wicked men while doing all sinful deeds described in the bible. They have rejected God, which leaves them with the option of listening to what the world has to say. To them, the opinion of fellow men matters since that is the guide to their actions.
- As chaff, the wicked have no life as compared to the righteous. The trees besides producing fruits give shade, provide materials, and serve as windbreakers. There are no fruits expected from chaff since it is sure they cannot produce anything. They are dead in sin and so the word of God has no effect in their lives. They do not even seek the word of God in the first place.
- Wicked people have a painful destiny. They are destined destruction. As compared to the righteous whose destiny is eternal peace, the wicked will have eternal damnation. Their destination will lead to a complete separation from the righteous.
- The wicked people walk in ways that do not please God. They engage in sin since that is their nature and way of life.
- Due to lack of a foundation in God, the wicked as compared to the righteous suffer from anything that comes their way. The tree is able to withstand strong winds since it is strong and planted on a productive ground. The chaff due to lack of a strong foundation is taken away by any wind that blows along. This explains the reason why the wicked are never predictable in any situation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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