Strengths and Weaknesses of a Writer and of a Speaker – Assignment Example

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The paper "Strengths and Weaknesses of a Writer and of a Speaker" is a good example of an English assignment. I have been trained to write as early as the primary level in school through essay writing of diverse topics. I find writing as interesting as reading. I am well versed in the English language, as a secondary language. My friends and teachers tell me I have developed enough skills to possibly go into a writing career in the future. However, I need to develop more skills in differentiating between writing styles.

I find writing about topics that interest me easy. However, it takes more time when required to write about difficult topics and subjects I practically have no idea of and where I need to make so much research. I am still averse of speaking in public; although I have a good command of the English language. An English professor before noted that I have to develop self-confidence and try not to be too conscious of the way I project myself in front of a large group. However, I do not find it difficult to converse with people in private groups or in teams.

Actually, I feel very much at ease in group conversations. In giving presentations, I find it easy to report the part which I know I have prepared for. On the contrary, if asked to present impromptu, I know I will grasp and stutter. I work well as a member of a team. I like to participate in group discussions. Actually, I have been given several opportunities to lead a group and thereby be instrumental in assigning tasks and responsibilities.

The only thing I find difficult in working in teams is the possibilities of encountering conflicts due to diverse interests. My goal is to improve speaking in public or in front of a large group. It is also my aim to develop skills in writing correspondences and in interacting with strangers. I would like to find out communication problems in groups and be assisted in addressing these problems – like improving negotiations skills, for example.   I think these goals could be reached by enabling us to make actual presentations and performance like role-playing, writing correspondences, giving essay assignments which would develop the skills required.

Our professor can best help by giving constructive criticisms and by identifying the weaknesses so corrective measures can immediately be applied.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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