Modern Middle East – Assignment Example

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There were significant pressures that contributed to the military coup in Iran against the Majlis. During the early 20th century Iran was carved into spheres of influence. It was not long after that the Constitutional Revolution occurred. While there were a number of contributing factors to the coup, one of the early noticeable factors was a dispute over sugar prices. Ultimately, the Shah agreed to the merchants’ demands, but he did not follow up on his statements. In the upcoming years, a number of protests and conflicts emerged. The Shahs reluctance to agree to democratic measures and relinquish power to the national assembly led to a significant coup. The result of this coup was that Russia and England informed Iran that they would be relinquishing their independence. This notification would trigger significant bloodshed as Russian troops entered Iran. This dealt a significant blow to constitutionalism in Iran.

By 1920 Iran was considered a failed state. In this way, one considers that the intention of establishing Iran as a democratic region with constitutional authority failed as the shahs refused to relinquish power. In this way, an Iranian state was made impossible. There is the further consideration of the colonization of North Africa and Egypt. In this way, it seems that ultimately the intended colonization of this region was a failure on the part of the Ottoman Empire. In these regards, their considerable difficulty controlling the region because of the conflicting influence of the Mamluks. There is the recognition there is a similarity to the 20th-century challenges in Iran, as the shahs presented a conflicting influence.