Team Motivation – Assignment Example

The paper "Team Motivation" is a great example of an assignment on sports and recreation.
What strategy will you use to draft the players?
I shall assess what areas of competence are required to complete the project, by conducting a thorough review of literature based on the subject of the project. Once the areas of competence have been identified, I would classify the areas into six types. I shall design six small questionnaires and ask the candidates to fill them up. The candidates showing maximum competence in any of the six competency areas will be drafted and they will be made part of the project. This will allow me to quantify the competence of players in each of the six competency areas, and provide me with objective results and hence, names of the players to be drafted.
What will you do to motivate the players?
Motivation comes from satisfaction and self-actualization. In order to inculcate both in the players, it is imperative that the leader makes them aware of the importance of the task at hand and the significance of their individualistic and collective roles in making the project successful. When the players have explained the background of the project along with its importance and their own importance, it makes them feel important that in turn, inculcates satisfaction. Therefore, I shall call a meeting and demonstrate the project, along with their roles and responsibilities in it. I shall also assure them that their hard work will be rewarded in any way the organization deems appropriate. Successful players may get a financial reward or be promoted or sent to paid leave etc.
The team knows that it is involved in a corporate bake-off, winner takes all. What members don't know is that it is a suicide mission, meaning results won't matter because the parent firm is sinking underneath it.
A. How do you keep the team and yourself motivated?
As I mentioned before, I shall commit to the team members that the successful players will be given due share from the money that I expect to get as a bonus upon successfully completing the project. In order to keep myself motivated, I shall take this task as a challenge. Irrespective of the fact whether the project is a corporate bake-off, winner take all or a suicide mission, every project adds to one’s learning and experience if done with interest and sincerity. Therefore, I shall take it as a learning opportunity.
B. Should you indicate that this is a suicide mission?
No, I don’t think I should indicate that this is a suicide mission because this may ruin the players’ interest in the project and may generate an impulse of demotivation among the players.
C. Speak to Eustress(and how you will manage/ incorporate same) and Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
In order to inculcate eustress in the players, I shall encourage them to frequently conduct debate and sessions of positive criticism so that they may develop functional conflicts which are conducive for the successful completion of a project. To make the players self-actualize according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I shall provide them with pick and drop service to make them feel safe. I shall allow them to call their immediate family members to their accommodation for the duration of the project to fulfill their love and belongingness needs. My appreciation and commitment towards reward will raise their self-esteem and they will feel the need to self-actualize.