Japanese Samurai – Assignment Example

The paper "Japanese Samurai" is a wonderful example of a history assignment.
Japan 400 years ago was a place controlled by a group of people called samurai. Japan was only partly under control of the main government and each province of the country had its own rulers that more or less did whatever they wanted there, although they still had to listen to the emperor and other power figures. There was a time period called “sengoku” because of all of the wars that were going on between the different provinces, and then there was the time period after where all of Japan was in the control of one powerful leader called Tokugawa. After he took over, Japan was mostly peaceful up until the present day, although there were still problems.
In the time period, there were a lot of wars going on and people lived mostly in a day-to-day existence that did not allow the poor and farmers to think much about things like how life would be in the future. However, those that did think about such things probably believed it would continue to go on in the same manner that it was happening then. They would have expected the ruling class to probably stay as powerful as it is then, and I think to be surprised by the way Japan is now since it is more equal.
Since Japan has a good economy and hard working people I think probably its place in 400 years time will be similar to how it is now. Japan is important for the world's economy and gives us good technology that we use in our daily lives. Since many of the Japanese people go to school they will keep being educated. Although the emperor may not still be there, I would be surprised if too much has changed in four hundred years from now.