The Socioeconomic Benefits Generated by Suffolk County Community College – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Socioeconomic Benefits Generated by Suffolk County Community College" is an excellent example of an assignment on macro& microeconomics. The report titled The Socioeconomic Benefits Generated by Suffolk County Community College is an Economic Impact report produced by the college website. Although the report appears to be generally meant for everyone related to SCCC, the report caters as information to the students of the college as an insight to the social and economic impact that the college has succeeded in making. Especially the perspective of the benefit of 18.4% annual return for every $1 that a student spends in SCCC, seems to be targeted towards the students. The model made with the aid of excellent data which the report claims to have field-tested on over 400 communities concludes that four benefits are tracked: regional and economic benefits, higher earnings captured by students, social benefits such as health improvement, reduction in crime and unemployment and the return to taxpayers for their college support. This report implies generally a higher benefit of being one of its members and reason to be proud of being one. The report has no noticeable weakness per se except for the fact the model of the method used in applying conclusions to the report seems to be inefficiently explained.

The diagrams, charts, and pictures used otherwise are comprehensible. Analysis of the Middle State Self Study. The self-study report that the college prepared is targeted to all those who are interested in being a part of the college and also to Middle States Commission on Higher Education to which the report is actually submitted. The style of the report both in terms of its presentation and information is commendable.

The executive summary and introduction presented at the beginning of the report aid readers in understanding in short what is to follow. All expect of the college including its principles and goals are presented vividly. The report seems to include all the features of the report that we have learned from our book hitherto. The features of the description and classification of information and events seem to be well presented. Nothing seems to be left out in this task as far as the concept of the report is concerned.

One thing that this report taught me was that instead of the regular aim, results or recommendations, a report could also encompass a range of relevant information, process, theories and the like all of which seem to aid further in the strength of the report.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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