Antislavery Marriages in Nineteenth-Century America – Assignment Example

The paper "Antislavery Marriages in Nineteenth-Century America" is a good example of an assignment on history. In the eighteenth century America, forms of inequality were prevalent due to racial and gender differences. Conversely, gender inequality was viable during at that moment. The women in general were seen as inferior than men. Women, either black or white were seen as inferior than men. The American society then, were one on the view that women are better left at home and does household chores than exploring the outside world. In view of this fact, women were more subjected to acts of slavery than men. Worst, women were tasked to stay at home, take care of their children and serve their husbands in any way after marriage. Nonetheless, black women have experienced more suppressive acts than the white women. They were more exposed to slavery and inhuman treatment. In fact, in the speech, the woman enumerated the chores that a woman is capable with or without the help of the men. This according to her do not make a woman lesser than a man, for whatever status the society attaches to them, a woman is still a woman. She emphasized that a woman is different from a man biologically but should be given equal treatment in the eyes of the community. Accordingly, men and women were not accorded with the same civil and political rights. Thus, a woman was not given the right to vote and to express her ideas in any ways to the public. Women have limited freedom and were often manipulated by their superiors and the society as a whole much more if a woman belongs to the black community. They could not be public speakers or perhaps an advocate for women’s rights for they were not allowed by the society’s rule and they did not have legal basis for such exercise. This is the basic reason why the speaker in the convention could not freely put her ideas into action and stop this issue before. Needless to state, her efforts to remove the idea behind her ascribed status and attain an achieved status were blocked by those instances.