Arts and Social Behavior – Assignment Example

The paper "Arts and Social Behavior" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. As an example of this work, I choose to analyze the social behavior of a British rock band Queen. This group of musicians has an extensive history of collaborative work. Some claim that they are one of the most successful bands in the history of music. Well, from the first sight Queen is famous and professional rock-band. On the other hand, however, it can be clearly seen that this legendary band is a collaboration of people who wish to play high-quality live music. Firstly, such a goal is impossible to reach alone – live music requires all the instruments to be played by real people in real time. Secondly, collaboration is inevitable, because several different people are very unlikely to think totally similarly. As a result, in order to create as a band, all the musicians have to work in a structured and organized manner, always come to a consensus, and follow the leader. Therefore, what we get is not just several people, but an organized and lead group that aims at reaching its objective of creating good music. In addition, the social role of the band, just like that of many other artists and art groups, is not only in creating music. Since their first singer died of AIDS, the band actively supports fighting AIDS worldwide. Queen is not the only art group that carries rather far from artistic social functions. Just like this band, many celebrities use their fame for drawing public attention to some social problems. The society, however, is attracted to art not for its social features, but for purely artistic ones. When people go to an exhibition they want to see pictures and evaluate the artist. The fact that the artists give some deeper meaning to his or her activity is, for the society, just a background for the artist’s personality. Similarly, most of the people want to have a hero who, as they think, does all the job. The majority of people do not realize that many pieces of art are created by the collaborative efforts of several artists. Whom the people usually praise is the one that leads that group of artists.