Reading and Writing without Authority – Assignment Example

The paper "Reading and Writing without Authority" is a wonderful example of an assignment on humanitarian. 1) How has -ity been distributed in the learning environments you have experienced up until now? With respect to the way that -ity has been distributed within the learning environment that this student has come in contact with up until this point in time, it can be definitively said that the majority of the authority used has been concentric upon hammering home key points with regards to the fundamentals of information that the student should integrate with. Although this can be viewed as a rather boring and perverse waste of the expertise of many educators and individuals, this necessarily deviates into an entirely different sub-context of education and what means are best with integrating information to the student/shareholder.  However, for purposes of interest and learning, it is the understanding and belief of this particular student that the student would be better served by a higher degree of learning through exemplification rather than rote memorization and integration with key points hammered home. Rather, the student might be better served by facing the examples of the ways in which authority can integrate a level of understanding outside of the sterile means by which educational information has traditionally sought to integrate with the learner. Such a paradigm shift would require a host of changes; however, as a function of these, this student cannot help but be optimistic with regards to the ability of the student to be able to learn through example and emulate the methods that are presented by alternative approaches to the exhibition of authoritative instruments.

2) What strategies have you used to establish authority in your writing and reading? In other words, how has your authority shown up or been absent in your writing in the past? Now? (Are you more like Janet? Roger?)
In the past, this student has sought to write in an active voice rather than a passive voice and seek to find new and informative means of integrating oftentimes dry subject matter to the reader. This is not always easy to effect due to the fact that much of the information that has been required to be written upon has been necessarily dry and otherwise difficult to integrate with the reader in what can be termed an “exciting way”. However, it is far from the truth that this author can claim that authority has been effectively utilized in the past (Penrose & Geisler 511). Rather, authority has not to be used to its full effect due to the fact that I am still learning the best process in which to use for each given case and the most effective means for integrating an understanding with the audience.
With regards to whether I feel that my writing style is closer to Janet or to Rogers, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that I am almost certain my writing style is more similar to Janet’s. This is due mainly to the fact that I share many of Janet’s shortcomings as well as the inability to integrate topics to the reader in a fascinating manner. However, I believe that in time I will be able to integrate topics and subject matter in a more authoritative and better means to the reader.

3) What changes do you plan to make in your own writing in relation to authority?
Lastly, with regards to the key changes that need to be made in order to make my writing more authoritative and interesting as well as engaging to the reader, there is a litany of changes that should be engaged. The first of these is the necessity to engage the reader from a new and fresh perspective. This can be sought to be performed by outlining subject matter and seeking to approach it in terms that are beyond merely descriptive. Whereas Janet struggled to engage the reader with an interest and authority, I oftentimes struggle with the same problems. As a means of improving upon this, it will be necessary for me to seek to identify my audience, outline my thoughts, and seek to thoroughly understand and appreciate the significance of the subject matter that I wish to engage with the shareholder prior to beginning the writing process.
A further and perhaps more important change that must be adapted is for this student to begin to engage with and read a much higher volume of other well-accomplished writers. By utilizing such a process, one tends to learn from example and can seek to incorporate many of the best practices of skilled writers into their own process and workflow.