Rejection of Student and Youth Tour Packages – Assignment Example

The paper "Rejection of Student and Youth Tour Packages" is an excellent example of a business assignment.
Let me begin by thanking you for your past contributions and support for this company. Your support has played a big role in the growth of this company financially. We appreciate all your efforts.
This spring and summer our company is planning to reject tours of unaccompanied youth because; of the disturbance they have been causing. You understand that recently we have been promoting fun at sea which, has been appealing to younger customers. However, it went overboard, when they started having barbaric behavior forcing other travel agents to complain of matters that were very unpleasant to them causing discomfort.
We have tried taking measures to act on the issue but they bore no fruits. As such, we have decided to take action by rejecting unaccompanied student and youth tours. We have also decided to discourage chaperoned tours. This means that students who are accompanied by adults will also not travel using our cruise services.
We are shifting our attention to the family market. Our current target is the family by making the right environment and conditions for a family unit. In essence, therefore, we are promoting cruises that are fun-filled, carefree, destined for exotic sunny ports, aimed at removing guests from the stresses of everyday life. We want to create cruises that are designed like an escape without disturbances.
Despite the recent difficulties, Carnival has been able to maintain the top position as the leading cruise line. Carnival attracts approximately 4.4 million people from all over the world a year. 98% of our customers say they are contented with our services. If we solve this current problem, I believe we can attract more people to our cruises making Carnival a successful company. Below is the schedule of the spring and summer Caribbean cruises.