VARK Learning Style – Assignment Example

The paper "VARK Learning Style" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment.
Although my VARK learning style revealed that my strong point is more on listening, this does not mean that I cannot cope or adjust to other learning styles. The changes in technology and methods in classroom instruction have promoted Blackboard as a means of communicating with students of which this generation of learners can adapt to. Definitely, that includes me. The Blackboard portion of this class is not daunting to me as a learner, in fact, I find it interesting. The issue is a matter of adjustment to this kind of method. My other subjects use this method for communicating. In time, these other subjects would help me adjust since I will be using the Blackboard constantly.
Perhaps one way of adapting to this method is informing the professor ahead of my learning style so that I can still ask for a personal consultation. I also need to manage my time well so that I can adjust to the pacing of the lesson and turn my work in time. It would also be helpful to have a personal interaction with my classmates, so I can ask clarifications about topics in the Blackboard. I can also read more materials regarding online learning and find ways or tips on how I can improve in online learning. My VARK assessment is not a limitation; rather, it is a guide to point out areas that I must improve on. Lastly, I can adjust to online learning simply because I have set my mind to succeed in my studies.
One person who has a different cultural background from me is my friend Malou. She is a Filipina. I have learned from her that Filipinos are not much different from our culture since they are also close to their families. They also have extended family members living with them like their aunt, niece or grandparents. The main influence that my friend had on my personal goals is the ability to tolerate diversity. Tolerance to other people’s beliefs and customs is very helpful in a workplace that values diversity. In terms of educational influence, she has taught me how to be more patient in doing tasks thereby increasing my self-discipline.