Else's Murder in Story of The Confidential Agent – Assignment Example

Elses Murder in Story of "The Confidential Agent." Else’s Murder in Story of “The Confidential Agent” Question 1
During the civil war in1939, Graham Greene wrote a story - The Confidential Agent to show the world how the coal was important to the community of Spain. Greene depicts the fight between two rebels of the Spanish community who scramble at getting the coal commission from Benditch an English man from England. D the main character is sent by his side to London to meet Benditch. By coincidence, the other side of rebels sends L for the same mission as D., however, the side of L has many spies who trail and hunt D for all moves he makes. On arriving at London, D meets the daughter of Benditch, Ms. Cullen, who falls for D despite having a fiancé, Mr. Forbes. Besides at a restaurant where D was supposed meet his instructor Mr. K, Else a maid develops feelings towards D.
Question 2
As D departs to London, Greene (1945.p73) writes, "He carried the war with him." It is true because as D sets a foot at London, he has spies on his back. No one seems candid to him even those hosting him at the restaurant. Mr. K and the manageress pretends to be good people to him but in the real sense they interrogate D to sell his credentials to L and other members from Ds who had no trust in him. Nonetheless, D seems not to bother with his enemies and resolves to pursue his mission of getting the coal to his side of the rebel. D is kind and good-hearted to new people he meets at London especially to Mr. K and the manageress. Therefore, he reveals all facts about him and his mission to London. However, when Else is killed, D changes his character and goes after Mr. K and the manageress who D suspects to have contributed in the murder of Else. The sense that the reader gets from this incident is that these two suspects betray D by collecting information about him and leaking it to D’s rival. Having realized Else’s friendship with D, the rival opted to murder Else to distract D from his mission. The rival wants to reach Benditch before D and obtain the coal commission.
Through the murder of Else, Green shows the reader that no one is genuine and trustful in the world of D and Else. Mr. K and the manageress were the only people close to Else. They knew her friendship with D as well as her feelings for D. It was clear to D that Elses death had something to do with him, and since she was killed in his room, he knew that his opponent were responsible for the murder. In regard to his reaction about the murder, the reader can note that it the manageress and Mr. K who sold Else out and that is why he goes after them and threats to kill Mr. K although he dies out of fright.
Question 3
In the event where D takes a gun shoot out of range and misses killing Mr. K, Greene wants to show the reader that D is harmless (Greene.1945.p238). D is not a murderer like L and has the best interest for his people. Despite the fact that D is certain that Mr. K plays a role in the murder of Else he has no guts to shoot him died. D feels that the whole episode of Elses killing is just a set up to get D into trouble with the lawmakers and police of England. Therefore, he cannot shoot Mr. K and let his rival’s scheme wins. It is a plot by D’s rival to distract and delay him from getting the coal commission from Benditch. The rival wants to acquire the coal charge before D gets it.
Reference List
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