Implementing a Marketing Strategy – Assignment Example

The paper "Implementing a Marketing Strategy" is a great example of a marketing assignment.
People are now more conscious of their wellbeing, becoming more aware of the drawbacks of poor health and plump bodies. It is an undeniable fact that beauty is now defined as women with shapely, well-formed bodies. Such reality creates a need for the healthier, yet good tasting chips. Being healthy does not have to mean eating tasteless foods. Gone were the days when people had to bear the tasteless diet meals. Indeed, the advancement of technologies has also created a great deal of improvement in the preparation of healthier meals.
Why settle for less, when people can now have that curvaceous body while enjoying the Deluxe-low-fat-chips? These chips are cholesterol free while preserving its delectable taste that the Deluxe consumers have grown to love for years. Consumers, especially women, do not have to starve themselves anymore. They can now enjoy the crispy, lip-smacking Deluxe light snacks.
The responsiveness of the consumers to healthier products almost gives the new product line a certainty of success. Being physically fit and attractive is now a trend that people, especially the ladies are so crazy about. However, people are naturally pleasure lovers. They want to look good but they hate the idea of depriving themselves. These factors, specifically the fashion and health issues---practically guarantee the accomplishment of the target company revenue.
The idea of making healthier snacks available to its consumers, evidently, will cost more than it would normally cost for the production of the regular chips. Therefore, since the production costs will be relatively higher, the prices of these light snacks will definitely be higher as well. Hence, the company, as result, will have a limited market. People will prefer to buy products that are more affordable than those offered at higher costs.
Suggestions for implementation:
‘Choosing and implementing a rock-solid marketing strategy is probably the single most important factor contributing to the long-term sustainable success of any business venture. Yet, most businesses don’t have one. Even businesses that do have a strategy often do not implement it one hundred per cent. Small businesses that have the vision to create a dynamic, customer-focused marketing strategy, and the determination to put it into practice, usually have the competitive edge.’ (
It is imperative for the Deluxe company to meticulously examine the needs and wants of the target market. Since it had been determined through marketing research that the products are feasible, provided the products are scrumptious, the organization can then carry out its plans, but it has to make certain that it has the accurate actions at the precise locations.
A careful exploration and detailed investigation of the customer profiles can greatly influence the success of the implementation of the marketing strategy. Consequently, it is crucial for the establishment to pay attention to every detail.