Immense Hate that is Filled within the Person – Assignment Example

The paper "Immense Hate that is Filled within the Person" is a great example of an assignment on literature. I sympathize with the wife in the story because no matter how badly her husband sketched her persona, she remains a committed individual. She is doing everything possible for her to remain loyal and in hand with his needs and requirements. The wife is indeed a sign of love and trust which the husband has perhaps forgotten with the passage of time. The wife is being taken for granted and it is not due to any mistake of hers. The story makes use of people while they are playing Scrabble. This is being represented in the ways and means through which they get in interaction with one another. Their love and hate is easily depicted in the length of the story and is beautifully sketched by the writer. The manner in which the husband has gone about ranting his hate story concerning his wife is both funny as well as filled with suspense; suspense because one wants to get to know what exactly is going on between the two in essence. The theme of the story is indeed the immense hate that is filled within the husband. He is trying everything possible to get rid of his wife and it is not bearing fruit for him. He wants to spend his time with other people on the face of the globe but he ends up being with his wife. He is 42 years old, his interaction with others has gone down the drain and much sanity has to come about within his ranks. Perhaps this is the time that he has to make a conscious effort to defy the odds and make the final cut, as far as his own life is concerned.