Paris in Greek Mythology – Assignment Example

The paper "Paris in Greek Mythology" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. The character I chose for this essay is Paris. In Greek mythology, Paris kidnaps Helen of Sparta, wife of Spartan king Menelaus, which triggers events leading to the downfall of Paris’ home, Troy. He is reluctant to fight Menelaus for Helen & his brother, Hector reprimands him for being a coward saying, “Are you too cowardly to stand up to the brave man whom you wronged?” The life-changing situation I chose for Paris is being exposed to abusive behavior. In the United States, there have been many counts of battered men. This cruelty, ironically, comes from the victim’s family or partner. I imagine despite Hector’s impulsiveness and frailty, he may learn to be bold and responsible even after being physically & emotionally maltreated. I would place Paris in a situation where his father physically abuses him. His father would also treat him like a servant and not as his own son. Paris would be ordered around, not have enough time to study and would be hit anywhere on his body whenever his father wants to. Given Paris’ frail and cowardly persona, I imagine him initially not being able to fight back against this cruelty. Paris will endure all the taunts and the beating. Inside though, he is seething and wanting to be brave. He would like to defend himself. Similar to how he reacted in the myth, Paris may eventually gather enough boldness in him to break his father’s abusive treatment. This may be attributed to a beating that would almost leave him for dead. Consequently, I imagine Paris being able to conquer his fear of his father and come out from under his father’s control.