Analects of Confucius – Assignment Example

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The paper "Analects  of Confucius" is a good example of a philosophy assignment. The sayings of Socrates do not apply much to the politics of today. As it has been rightly discussed in the text that political persons of today maintain an ambiguous role and most of them look for their own benefit rather to the virtues like wisdom and enlightenment of the society. It is very hard to find apolitical influential persons. And those have political connections, all most all of them look for their vested interests. Therefore, the true essence of the teachings of Socrates is very hard to locate in the present political system.

The master believes that the true meaning of education is realized when the recipient is enlightened. According to Socrates, the education should enable one to fight for the right cause and through real education, the blind faith upon the system should cease if it is not just. It does apply to me as the imparted education has made me rational and logical. It has enabled me to contemplate and can differentiate between the right and the wrong.

In the first place, it seems very difficult from the perspective of an employer to adopt such a policy within the office. Even if the policies are implemented, most of the employees might not want to write their heart out in black and white as they would fear it might be instigated against them in the future. If the management can convince them that they do not have any ill intentions only then they might think of complete honest participation. If everything can be achieved, the entire process would be great as it would enable the employer to know the true assessment and expectations of the employees.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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